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Tales Beyond Fried Rabbit by Fred J. Vatter

Fred Vatter's delightful saunter into some of the many corners of Chatham County’s past tell us of old houses, aged country stores, church yards with intriguing gravestones, and venerable public buildings; settlements and cemeteries now lost due to dams and other effects of progress; ordinary people who know the county’s past and would love to tell you about it, as well as prominent civic leaders now long dead.

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Gravesites of Chatham County (two volumes)

When published in 2005, this was the most complete survey ever done of all the cemeteries and family plots in Chatham County. Since then it has been replaced by our online database of gravesites. The two-volume Gravesites is still a useful resource for genealogical researchers. There are more than 27,000 names from the early 19th century to present day.

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Chatham County, 1771-1971

Now in its second facsimile reprinting, the book contains chapters on the colonial and Revolutionary War period, county government, politics, Civil War, transportation, town and county life, communities and post offices, churches, education, fraternal orders, African Americans, agriculture, industry, and brief summaries of well-known families. (6" x 9", 528 pg., photographs, index).

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Chatham County 1771-1971 and The Architectural Heritage of Chatham County North Carolina

This two-book reference collection is offered at a substantial savings.

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Architectural Heritage of Chatham County

Sections on the history and architectural development of Chatham County and of Pittsboro are followed by historic architecture inventories of Pittsboro, Siler City, Goldston, Mt. Vernon Springs and Ore Hill, and each of the county's townships. The book is lavishly illustrated with black & white photographs and thoroughly documented. (8.5" x 11", 391 pages, index).

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1870 Ramsey Map of Chatham County (with index)

This reproduction of the original map by Capt. Nathan A. Ramsey shows rivers, bridges, mills, churches, roads and railroads, and many family locations. Ramsey was the Captain of Company D of the 61st Regiment, CSA. Organized in 1862, Co. D fought in battles in Virginia and North Carolina, and was sent several times to Chatham County to round up deserters. Their success depended on knowing the geography as well as the locations of families. In 1870 Ramsey put this information on a map. (17" x 22"). Includes index of names.

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1874 Jackson Map of Coal Fields of Chatham - temporarily unavailable

A reproduction of the original hand-drawn, hand-colored map shows Chatham County and several nearby counties, emphasizing the coal fields near the Deep River. It was drawn by Lucy Worth Jackson (1828-1909), daughter of Governor Jonathan Worth, and wife of J.J. Jackson, Pittsboro lawyer and owner of a coal mine near Carbonton in Chatham County. (17" x 22", color).

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Map Collection: Ramsey and Jackson - temporarily unavailable

Captain Ramsey’s 1870 Map of Chatham County and Lucy Worth Jackson’s Coal Fields Map. The two-map set offered at a substantial savings.

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"Our Land, Our Lives" & "Land Beneath the Waters" on 1 DVD - temporarily unavailable

"Our Land, Our Lives," was originally a video tape produced from a slide and tape documentary about the construction of Jordan Lake. (15 minutes). "Land Beneath the Waters" is a documentary tracing the history of the New Hope River valley through the development of Jordan Lake and covers native population, early settlement, Revolutionary and Civil Wars, acquisition of properties and construction of the dam, and present-day recreational activities. (35 minutes). These two documentaries are now available only as a combination DVD.

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Siler City, North Carolina, 1887-1987

A reprint of Siler City's centennial history, the book describes pioneer families, railroads, business and industry, schools, fairs and celebrations, early churches, in general following a chronological order. (8.5" x 11", photographs, index, 67+ pages) by Wade Hadley, 1996

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Historical Buildings of the Central Business District Siler City

Brief histories of twenty-eight buildings erected between 1909 and 1929 are illustrated with photographs by the author. (8.5" x 11", map, index, 24 pg.)

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Siler City Collection: Siler City NC 1887-1987 and Historical Buildings of the Central Business District, Siler City

The two-book Siler City Collection is offered at a substantial savings.

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Chatham Rabbit Ornament

From the 1880s to 1920s wild rabbits caught for human consumption were an important part of Chatham’s economy.

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Courthouse Cupola Ornament (2016)

CCHA's 2016 ornament, celebrating the Courthouse Cupola.

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