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Granville Land Grants in Chatham County
Some of the earliest landholders in Chatham County obtained their lands through grants from the Granville land office between the years of 1751 and 1763. Unlike many earlier grants in our area, the records for these Granville grants are relatively complete. In the past, a major problem to identifying grants made in what is now Chatham County was sorting these out from the more than 800 grants made in Chathamís parent county, Orange.

CCHA member Jim Wiggins has undertaken the task of identifying the Chatham grants by using references to waterways. He has produced a list of some 202 grants that he believes are probably for land in what is now Chatham. Along with the grantholderís name, he provides the survey and grant dates, number of acres granted, waterways and other geographic features mentioned in the survey, adjoining landholders mentioned in the survey, a map code that allows users to locate the waterway by USGS map segments, and page references to his sources. Notebooks containing these data--presented in tables that are sorted by grantee name, date of grant, and map code--along with a map showing the waterways referenced, Jim's description of the process he used to identify the grants and a brief history of the Granville Land Grants are available in the Chatham Historical Museum in Pittsboro and also in the local history section of Wren Library in Siler City. The information can also be accessed here on the CCHA website via the links below.

Jim stresses that the data he has presented are a work in progress. He invites corrections and additions from anyone with additional information or alternative viewpoints. Send suggestions for corrections to Jim Wiggins, c/o CCHA, PO Box 93, Pittsboro, NC 27312, or via email to Please include your contact information so we may ask you for more information if necessary.

Links to Granville Land Grant information (files will open in new window):

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