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Chatham County Historical Association

Preserving and sharing the history of Chatham County North Carolina

Old Grave Marker

30 Dec 2023 10:09 PM | Anonymous

This unique old grave marker in Bear Creek shows remarkable workmanship. The lettering is delicate and fancy, and it is likely that it was done by a local craftsperson with tools suited to leatherworking or some other craft. At that time, in our area, stone carving was not a full-time profession, but rather a sideline.

The stone is probably local, as it was unusual for stone to be brought in until much later, when rail transportation made it easier. Many--likely most--graves of the early 1800s in Chatham were marked by simple fieldstones with no inscription.

Sadly, we don't know whose initials were SDC. The name is not spelled out--though the month, October, is spelled in full.

If you are interested in helping us photograph Chatham's cemeteries and grave markers, contact us at There are many cemeteries not yet documented. We'd love to have your help!

More info about the cemetery in which SDC rests can be found here in CCHA's cemetery documentation:

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