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Chatham County Historical Association

Preserving and sharing the history of Chatham County North Carolina

Research Articles about Chatham County


The articles in this list were prepared by CCHA volunteers or provide original documents for Chatham County that are in the CCHA collection.

The articles are grouped by topic. Some are extensive—others are brief.

All offer something of interest about Chatham County history. Link to the full article using links in this index.

You can also browse an annotated list of the articles. 

For additional resources, see the index of our Chatham Historical Journals and our Useful Links pages.

The information, opinions and views presented in articles on our website are the sole responsibility of the authors and contributors of the articles

and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Chatham County Historical Association or its members. 

Content warning: the primary sources provided here reflect the perspectives of their creators and some may contain antiquated and offensive terms.

Geography, Settlement & General History

    1870 Ramsey Map

          1870 Ramsey Map Index

    1890 Pittsboro Streets and Lots

    1911 Chatham Map

    1971 Chatham Map

    1971 Map Inset Pittsboro and Siler City

    First Owners of Pittsboro Lots Map

    Chatham Geology Outline

    Chatham Geology Facts and Oddities

    Early Chatham County Deed Abstracts

    Granville Land Grants

    Orange County Deed Book Zero

    Waterways of Chatham County
    Walter D. Siler's History of Chatham County
Politics and Military
    Alamance Outrage of 1895
    Chatham County Amputees and Artificial Limbs
    Chatham County, Hotbed of Populism

    Chatham’s Inner Civil War

    Chatham County Veterans Honored

    Chatham County ~ World War I

    John R. Lane and Chatham Boys

    Nathan Alexander Stedman III~ Revolutionary War Patriot

    Pittsboro High School’s Honor Roll of WWI Veterans

    Politics of Secession

    Rednap Howell ~ Poet of the Regulation

    Revolutionary War Soldier James Emerson

    The Stone/Elkins Family Civil War Letters

    Veterans Memorials of Chatham
    Whigs Restored Two-Party Rule
Architecture, Communities, and Landmarks

    1933 Home Movie of Pittsboro    

    Alvin Bynum House

    Architectural Update 2019-2021    

    Bynum Bridge Awarded Historic Designation

    Cemetery Mystery at Hailbron

    Chatham County Historic Districts

    Chicken Bridge
    From Baldwin Bridge to Pace's Bridge
    Harvey Newlin's Barns

    Haughton McIver House History

    History of Fearrington Farm    

    Jones Ferry Crossing—Chatham Landmark

    Jones Grove ~ The Land and the People

    Kelvin ~ A Brief History and Photographs

    Looking for Shakerag in Chatham

    Manly Law Office

    McClenahan House

    Mt. Vernon Springs—Health & Beauty

    National Register Forms for Chatham Properties

    Patrick St. Lawrence House Update 2016

    Searching for Jones Ferry Crossing

    Seaforth History

    Siler City Historical Tour

    Since Then: A Short History of Pittsboro

    Smokehouse on Agriculture Center Property

    St. Lawrence House

    Taylor House

    The Marshall and Milliken Log Cabins

    The Riggsbee Community

    The White House on 15-501

    Two Bridges (and a Culvert)





Social Fabric

    A Brief History of Chatham County Schools

    A Brief History of the Chatham County Fair

    African American History Walking Tour - Pittsboro

    Apprenticeships Involving Free Children of Color

    Chatham's Black Farmers 1922 to 2017

    Chatham’s Early Medical Care

    Chatham Superior Court Minute Docket 1839-1866

    Christmas in Gulf's Haughton McIver House

    Early Pittsboro Medicine

    Farmers Library, Family Info in Old Chatham Book

    Glimpses into the Life and Family of Adeline Crump

    Growing Up "Colored" in Chatham County, NC

    History of the Thompson School ~ Wade Hadley

    How Farm Tenants Lived

    Joanna Foushee's Gift to Pittsboro Baptist Church

    Kelvin Teenagers ~ Letter to Kelvin Schoolgirl

    Letter from Thompson School

    Marium Alston and the Alston Freed Slaves

    Martha’s Chapel

    Masons in Pittsboro

    Medical Practice in 19th-century Chatham ~ Dr. David Watson

    My Memories of Tobacco

    Quail Hunting in Chatham

    R B Paschal's Diary 

    Reconstruction and Black Rights after Slavery

    Ruth Gordon's Pittsboro 1930s

    Slave Narratives

    Slavery in Chatham

    The House ~ Memories of a Time and Place

    Timeline to a Lynching


Industry and Commerce

    Boling Chair Company History 1904-1979

    Chatham Railroad by Robert Wiesner

    Chatham’s Role in Early Railroads

    Coal Glen Mining Disaster

    History of the Farmer's Alliance Store in Siler City

    General Store at St. Lawrence Post Office

    Pittsboro Business Ledger 1832-1834

    Prosperity Came to Pittsboro on the Train

    Siler City 1910 from the 14 Dec Siler City Grit

    Siler City Mills

    The Bynum Cotton Mill—In the Millworkers Words

    The Cape Fear and Deep River Navigation Company

    The Oval Oak Washboard    

    The Justice Brothers and Justice Motor Company

Chatham People

    Adeline Alston—Chatham Plantation Owner

    A Look into Chatham's Past ~ Chatham People

    Annie Lutterloh Bynum

    Annie Thompson Burns

    Articles about People of Color in Chatham

    Black Chathamites—Making a Difference

    Camilia London ~ WWI Yeomanette

    Clyde Farrell ~ A Man Called to the Earth

    Chatham Artist Profiles

    Delilah Ward Womble ~ Cookie Lady

    Dr. David Watson ~ 19th-Century Chatham Physician

    Dr. H. A. Denson ~ Bennett Physician

    Early Free People of Color in Chatham

    Elizabeth Ann Brantley Burns

    Essex Harris and the Ku Klux Klan

    Family Letters Reveal Personal Side of Manly Family

    Herman Husband [Marker] Moves West

    Jones Grove ~ The Land and the People

    Lamont Norwood WWII ~ Dear Mother

    Lucy Worth Jackson

    Marium Alston and the Alston Freed Slaves

    Martha Susan Johnson Burns and the Burns Hotel

    Mattie Rogers Beavers—Rural Mail Carrier

    Mildred Bright Payton ~ Legacy

    Neil Jones ~ WWI Casualty

    Pittsboro and the Patrick St. Lawrence House/Tavern

    Rednap Howell ~ Poet of the Regulation

    Roxie Small—Chatham Civil Rights Activist

    Sheriff Myrtle Siler

    Simon Green Atkins

    Nathan Alexander Stedman III Revolutionary War Patriot

    Tod R. Edwards—Crossing Racial Lines

    The Works of George Moses Horton

    The Adventures of Hallie Beavers Allred

    William Hooper ~ First Chatham Clerk of Court

    Zebulon Ray Wicker ~ Chatham Baseball Star




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