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Chatham County Historical Association

Preserving and sharing the history of Chatham County North Carolina

Chatham County Waterways

Creek List

A map and list identifying waterways in Chatham County compiled from old deeds and maps by Jim Wiggins for the Chatham County Historical Association are now available for use by researchers. Earliest land records date from colonial times, when Chatham was part of Orange County, and identify a property first as "on waters of" a named stream or river, such as Haw or Rocky River. The deeds often went on to name smaller waterways, such as branches, forks, and prongs, in defining the boundary lines of the property. Link to map.

Chatham County Waterways
Creek Name Map Codes Source for Creek Location
Alder Br. A
Algear R Deed JE/362: Plat 2006-140
Bear Creek P/Q/J/K USGS
Beartree Creek E USGS
Beaver Creek L/M USGS
Beaver Dam Creek [now Landrum Cr.] J USGS
Big Branch (1) A Deed 507/169; Plat 87-1
Big Branch (2) E USGS
Blood Run Creek G/H USGS
Brooks Creek/Br. [see Smith's Cr.] D USGS
Brush Creek  G USGS
Buckhorn Creek T USGS
Buckner's Branch C/D? Deed AM/21
Bush Creek E USGS
Camp Branch K Deed AN/60
Cane Island Branch K Deed KG/194; Plat 2003-138
Cape Fear River USGS
Cattail Creek C USGS
Cattail Branch E Deed J-E/261; Plat 98-386
Cedar Creek (1) Q/R USGS
Cedar Creek (2) N USGS
Collins Creek D USGS
Crooked Creek F USGS
Crows Creek D USGS
Cub Creek USGS
Cumbo Branch E USGS
Deep River USGS
Dry Creek C/D USGS
East Branch/ Price Creek E USGS
Ephraims Creek [now Evans Creek] H
Evans Creek [see Ephraims Creek] H USGS
Falls Creek N/P USGS
Ferrell Creek [see Terrell Cr. (1)] D USGS
Flag(gy) Br. P Plat 2007/274
Flat Creek N USGS; Plat 98-12
Folkner/Faulkner Branch F USGS
Georges Creek Q/R USGS
Gilmour Brand (Lou Gilmour Spring Branch) R Deed 470/194; Plat 2006-140
Great Creek [now Harlands Cr.] C/J/K
Greenbriar Creek B USGS
Goffs Creek [now Gulf Cr.] S USGS; Deed C/516; D/368;Y/60;AD/195
Gulf [see Goffs Creek] S USGS
Gynnis Creek K Plat 6-36
Harlands Creek [see Great Creek] C/J/K USGS
Harpers Branch [now Landrum's Cr.] J
Harts Creek USGS
Haven Creek D USGS
Haw River USGS
Henderson Branch [now Little Creek (1)] K Deed AF/203
Herndon Creek E USGS
Hill Creek K USGS
Horse Branch J Plat 4-93
Hughs Creek G Plat 94-12; Plat 19-53
Indian Creek (1) Q USGS
Indian Creek (2)  K
Indian Creek (3) F USGS
Johnson Branch (1) C USGS
Johnson Branch (2) B Plat 11-23
Johnson Creek B USGS
Jones Branch E USGS; 1865 Cummings map
Kirks Creek L USGS
Kitt Creek F USGS
Lacy Creek B USGS
Landrum Creek [see Beaver Dam Cr.; Harper's Br.; Mill Cr] J USGS
Leopard Branch L/S
Lick Branch/Creek (1) [now Parkers Cr] E
Lick Branch/Creek (2) F USGS
Lick Branch/Creek (3) C USGS
Line Creek P/Q  USGS
Little Bear Creek J/Q USGS
Little Beaver Creek L/M USGS
Little Brush Creek  G/H USGS
Little Creek (1) K
Little Creek (2) D
Little Indian Creek P/Q USGS
Long Branch (1) C/D USGS
Long Branch (2) J USGS
Long Branch (3) L Deed AE/3791
Loves Creek H USGS
Maple Fork Creek P Deed 454/86;Pplat 97-126; Plat 2001-81
Maple Spring Branch P Deed 454/86; Plat 2001-81
McLeod Creek Q Deed BN/137; Plat 87-87,89-93, 2001-383
Meadow Branch D USGS
Meadow Creek H/J USGS
Mile Cr. L
Miles Branch D
Mill Branch F USGS
Mill Creek [now Landrum Cr.] J
Morgans Creek [see NW Prong/Branch/Fork of New Hope] E USGS
Morris Branch F USGS
Mud Lick Creek B USGS
Mullis Br. [now Hill or Little Cr. (1)] K
Nancy Branch F USGS
New Hope Creek (Jordan) E/F/L USGS
Nick Creek B USGS
NE Prong/Branch/Fork of New Hope [now Northeast Cr] F
NW Prong/Branch/Fork of New Hope [now Morgan's Cr.]
Northeast Cr. [see NE Prong/Branch/Fork] F USGS
North Prong Rocky River B
Overcup Creek E USGS
Panther Creek F USGS
Parkers Creek [see Lick Branch 1] E USGS
Patterson Creek Q USGS
Persimmons Nursery Branch D USGS
Pine Creek L
Poes Creek D Plat 2003-138
Pokeberry Creek [see Redfields Cr.] E/D USGS
Poplar Br. A ? Ramsey Map
Prince's Branch K Plat 87-314; Deed AF/2601
Redfield's Cr. [now Pokeberry Cr.] E/D
Ready Fox Branch E Deed 422/888; Plat 99-511
Reedy Branch B USGS
Reedy Fork A   USGS
Rice Patch Br. K Plat 6-21; Deed EB/3591
Richland Creek K Ramsey Map
Riddle's Branch Heiser notation1
Robeson/Roberson/Robinson Creek K/L USGS
Rocky Branch (1) K USGS
Rocky Branch (2) R USGS
Rocky Ford Branch F USGS
Rocky River USGS
Sandy Branch Creek H/P USGS
Shaddox Creek L/S USGS
Shadrick Branch J Deed 454/719
Sizemore Branch H
Smith's Cr. [now Brooks Cr.] D
Smith's Creek Q USGS
South Fork Cane Creek B/C USGS
Spring Branch K/L Deed 379/4031
Stinking Creek K/L USGS
Teague Branch A Deed 507/169; Plat 87-1
Terrells Creek (1) [now Ferrell Cr.] D USGS
Terrells Creek (2) C/D USGS
Tick Creek H/J USGS
Tillmans Branch/ Temple Creek L/E Plat 2003-138
Tom Jack Creek M USGS
Turkey Creek K USGS
Tysons Creek USGS
Varnell Creek [see Vernon/Varnels Cr.] B/H USGS
Vernon/ Varnels Creek [now Varnell Cr.] B/H USGS
Ward Branch E USGS
Weaver Creek L/M USGS
Welch Creek USGS
West Branch/ Price Creek E USGS
White Oak Creek (1) F USGS
White Oak Creek (2) T USGS
Wilkerson Creek [now Wilkinson Cr.] D USGS
Wilkinson Creek [see Wilkerson Cr.] D USGS
Williams Pond  E USGS
Wilson Creek E USGS
Windfall Branch USGS
Last updated 7Jun2020
1 Source: Email dated 20 Oct 2008 from Jane Pyle.

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